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Whether it be an urgent situation or a major AV installation, our clients range from Schools to places of worship, Public Service buildings, and Private Enterprises. You name it; we provide it!

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We have made it our mission to elevate your AV experiences by delivering outstanding results and an unrivaled experience. Boost your business performance with our high-quality AV services.

Join the ever-growing list of businesses that have already discovered the benefits of working with us. We can help you overcome any technical challenges and deliver impactful AV solutions – whether for meetings and events, learning environments, or home entertainment. Our experience means we know what works, from project planning to choose the right AV solutions for your needs.


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Residential AV services

Our goal is to inspire our clients to have an exciting and extraordinary experience with their home entertainment. We focus on quality audio and video, it should not matter which room you are in, you should be able to enjoy your media to the fullest where ever you want it!.

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Corporate AV solution

We often forget office spaces when it comes to audio-visual solutions, but we can help you create a stunning reception area that will wow your clients and get them in the right mindset. We can design meeting rooms and training facilities that offer a friendly environment in which to work or relax, which makes studying more productive and pleasant.

the  villa overlooks dramatic mountainous scenery

Restaurants & Bars

Your mood is as important as the food & beverage, so we can create any mood you desire at the touch of a button. Video and audio distribution can be controlled and split into any number of different zones within a venue. All audio levels and displays can either work independently or together, your choice! LED lighting gives you the flexibility to change the mood for any given time or event. With AVE Solutions, your business has multiple options for corporate clients or private parties alike

Will Bruder clads a mountain home in Aspen

Marine AV solutions

Whether you’re in the middle of the ocean or just cruising around the harbor, those aboard will have a luxury experience that is unmatched. Using IP-rated marine-grade speakers, pop-up televisions along with intelligent remote controls & automation we can add that truly five-star luxury feel to your ship or yacht.

Will Bruder clads a mountain home in Aspen

Consultancy and service

We offer consultancy and design services focusing on Audio Visual systems. We work with a variety of industries that require items such as LED screens, projectors, sound systems, wireless communication systems, and more. Our expert team can provide a complete AV solution right through to furniture designing so that you have the flexibility to change products or add components in the future.

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